Bake Texture To Vertex Color


This script can bake UV texture into vertex color layer.


Download the ZIP file ““.


Unpack content of ZIP file to your Blender script folder (under Windows typically something like: “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts\”) or to the user defined path specified in your Blender in User Preferences under bookmark File Paths in the text input field titled “Python:“. Run (or restart) your Blender and you’ll find the script in the Vertex Paint Scripts menu: “Paint –> Bake Texture to VColor“.

Note: It is possible to install scripts while Blender is running without the need of its restarting by extracting script files to one of the above mentioned locations and then pressing the Re-evaluation button, which you can find in user preferences under bookmark File Paths at the end of path input field labeled “Python:“. That will cause reloading of all available scripts into menus within whole Blender.
"Bake Texture To Vertex Color" in menu.


Just make sure you have a texture attached to all faces in object you want to bake, enter the Vertex Paint mode (VKEY) and from Paint menu select “Bake Texture to VColor…“. And it should be done. (If not, mail me what went wrong.)
mesh of the initial model
bitmap mapped to the UV layer
colors baked from the bitmap to the Vetrex Color


(+ = added, = changed, = removed)

2007-10-21 - version 0.1
+ basic functionality - The script simply works. However I don't claim that it's completely foolproof.



maybe to make it a little more secure
adding/multiplying colors (?)


3 Responses to “Bake Texture To Vertex Color”

  1. do you have a Blender 2.5 version of this script? its VERY useful

  2. 4museman Says:

    Not yet. I still use 2.49 most of the time, because I mostly do just modelling (and modelling tools are still rather limited in 2.5x).

    But I have my plans to switch to 2.5x and recode some of my scripts, when B-Mesh become part of Blender. ;)

  3. It does not work with Radio tool, in render it works

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