Game developers jailed in Greece!

This is really a special and sad post…

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar

My friends and colleagues Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar were captured in Greece and charged with allegations of spying (!!!).

Everyone who knows them, must regard this accusation as an exaggeration at the best case and as someones insolence at worst. They are enthusiastic game developers and the idea of them being a spies is simply too ridiculous!

Although I could write the whole story here, some other people already did it, so I’ll just put the links. But I want to say beforehand, that this is very likely an extraordinary case of REVENGE (some Greek people hate one of their islands to be used as an rough basis for fictional war in our game) and probably also ABUSE OF POWER (they didn’t do anything else than what almost all visitors do – took some pictures in public areas).

Read it out and make the picture for yourself:


HELPIVANMARTIN.ORG – most of the information
Bohemia Interactive Studio Official Statement
Dean “Rocket” Hall’s blog post with some good TIPS HOW TO HELP…
Facebook page


I must just say, that I personally will probably reconsider any trip to Greece in the future. What if some pissed chieftain will get the brilliant idea to put me in the prison just because I made some piece of graphic work for a game he hate…?


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