My name is Milos Zajic, I originate in Plzen (Pilsen), currently working in Praha (Prague), Czech Republic.

I’m very dedicated to nearly everything about computer generated 3D, which is both my hobby and my profession. I focus primarily on 3D modelling and model texturing, but I don’t marginalize rendering, animation or physical simulations in 3D. I also do additional graphic tools programming in Python for Blender and in LScript for LightWave.

4museman” is my nickname I chose to use over the internet to indicate, that I’m riven by desire to listen to my four different muses, which represents: fine art, technical disciplines, music making and lyrics or prose writing (only in Czech language). Unfortunately, this is not possible to really satisfy them all. Of course. Especially not in my case, since I’m insane perfectionist at all times. So, my musical and literary muses are sleeping for now.


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