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Alternative Music Video for “I Move On” song (Sintel’s Song)

Posted in Blender related with tags , , , , , , , on October 28, 2010 by 4museman

On October 20th, 2010 the “Durian” team of the Blender Institute had released the official music video for “I Move On” song (Sintel’s Song) togerter with Jan Morgenstern’s mini-album of the Sintel film score.

While I watched the video I felt strongly, that the visual material doesn’t correspond much with the music oftentimes. So I went to criticise it on BlenderNation and I decided right away to try to put together my own version. I wanted to prove to myself, that I can really do some better fitting version if I can criticise in the first place.

So finally I did my own version (although lighter in resolution):

The music in this version is published with kind permission from Jan Morgenstern. Here you can check it on VIMEO in slightly better quality.

And here is the original version of the music video for comparison:

The overall feedback from the Blender community was none. But I guess it’s mainly because I put my comments just into two news threads, which usually become almost unread the other day from posting and not many people read all the comments anyway. Furthermore there was no other criticism except for mine (to my big surprise), all the other people just applauded, so maybe I’m really too picky. So I decided just to put the subject matter here on my blog for record, as I don’t wanna be too annoying to the community I like.


About Software Used

I decided to do all the editing work in Blender, so I compiled a build of newest Blender 2.54.0 from a freshly updated SVN, but I was disappointed by its poor performance on my laptop. I really don’t know why, while I have read some notes about considerable speeding up of the sequencer in 2.5 (e.g. “Improved sequencer core: it’s faster and needs less memory“).

I also realised soon that a “Frame Blending” feature of “Speed Control” effect strip had disappeared from new version. So I stuck with my old Blender 2.49.2 build, which proved to be fine.

For final encoding job I used VirtualDub software.


About The Procedure

First off I created a TGA sequence of the whole movie, then I organized all shots into a separated folders for better lucidity. Then I started to arrange shots into a sequencer. Finally I have found that task particularly interesting and enjoyable, so I ended up with my almost finished version at 7 o’clock AM Friday morning (OMG!).